A trusted partner for more than 20 years

Wieslab was founded 25 years ago as a clinical diagnostic laboratory working within a number of therapy areas such as  gastroenterology, nephrology, rheumatology, and neuro-immunology.

In 2004, Wieslab became an integral part of Svar Life Science (formerly Euro Diagnostica), providing Wieslab access to a skilled R&D team with extensive experience in developing immunoassays. We apply this wealth of experience whenever there is a need to develop or optimize immunoassays for non-clinical or clinical applications. 

Over the years, Wieslab has established extensive KOL networks to give us a unique knowledge and understanding of treatment communities and patient populations within many key immune-mediated disorders. Our history enables us to support clinical studies and offer unique insights to study proposals to the benefit of our customers and partners.

In July 2014, Svar Life Science (formerly Euro Diagnostica) entered into a merger agreement with Biomonitor A/S, a Danish CRO company with more than 10 years experience and extensive competence in providing bioanalytical services. Today, the combined knowledge and skills of Wieslab and Biomonitor provide services to Pharma, CRO, and Biotech companies under the Wieslab brand.