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Wieslab AB is a Swedish specialist laboratory focusing on clinical laboratory testing within Autoimmunity. For more Information please see Wieslab is located in Malmö, Sweden and is certified according to SS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and accredited by SWEDAC. Wieslab has been a trusted partner in autoimmunity testing for more than 20 years. Since 2004 Wieslab has been an integrated part of Euro Diagnostica.

Wieslab has formed a partnership with Moleculera labs in Oklahoma USA, in regards to PANDAS / PANS testing. Wieslab acts as Moleculeras service partner in countries outside of North America. Consequently, Wieslab has the direct contact with physicians / patients living outside North America. Wieslab collects the samples and ensures that they are sent to Moleculera for processing. Wieslab also manages the invoicing of the samples and delivers the test result directly to the physicians.


A physician must order the Cunningham Panel of tests before we can process your specimen and the physician will receive the test report.

Please print and fill out the request form here

Only fill out the top part of the form – remember to write PANDAS TESTING clearly in one of the available spaces in the top part of the request form.

We will send the test report to the physician / hospital / clinic specified on the request form under contact person. If the contact person is different from where the invoice should be sent please specify this clearly on the request form.

Take a venous or capillary blood sample in a polypropylene tube without additive, let the sample clot and centrifuge it. Please ship only serum. We cannot test CSF at this time. Send the sample (approximately 3 ml serum) by FedEx / DHL to: Wieslab AB, Lundavagen 151, 21224, Malmö, Sweden. Send the sample in a small box with the test tube inside wrapped in bubble wrap.

As the tes is very complex the test results cannot be expected before 8 weeks after the sample has been received.

Invoicing PANDAS test

Wieslab will invoice the person specified under “billing information” on the request form. This is done after the test result has been submitted. Payment details: Bank: Svenska Handelsbanken Frihem, Swift Code: HANDSESS, IBAN: SE52 6000 0000 0007 4146 0912. If payments are not received we will have to revise our policies.

Please contact Michael Akoh for infomation on pricing of the PANDAS panel: +46 (0) 70 262 37 15 or mail:


If you have questions please contact Wieslab Director Michael Akoh on telephone +46 70 262 37 15 or on email or alternatively Wieslab Lab Manager Anna LaurĂ©n +46 70 274 34 82 or email Please keep in mind that Wieslab is a specialist laboratory and will not be able to provide guidance on treatment.

For more detailed information please refer to

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