CV2/CRMP5 antibodies


Suspicion of paraneoplastic syndrome and autoimmune encephalitis.


Immunoblot and indirect immunofluorescence (IIF). For IIF test it is applied a combination of fixed tissues from the nerve, cerebellar, intestinal tissue and pancreas originating from monkeys.

According to guidelines, anti-neuronal antibodies should be detected by at least two independent methods. At Wieslab, IIF and immunoblot are used. According to European guidelines, a positive result should be obtained with both methods to be reliable.

Immunoblot and IIF are accredited analysis for serum samples – read more at the Quality page.


Serum: The result is reported as negative, borderline or positive with a titer and blot intensity.

CSF: The result is reported as negative, borderline or positive.


Antibodies against CV2 is a paraneoplastic marker that is primarily associated with small cell lung cancer, but also occurs with thymoma, and other tumor types. Clinical symptoms may be chorea, sensorimotor neuropathy, limbic encephalitis and cerebellar degeneration. Neurological symptoms may precede the diagnosis of cancer with up to five years.


PMID: 15342008; 15258215; 21747075; 22448032 

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