Ganglioside antibodies – IgG and IgM


Suspicion of Inflammatory neuropathy.


ELISA with detection of IgG and IgM antibodies against ganglioside antigens GM1, GM2, GD1a, GD1b, GQ1b.


The result is given as negative or positive with a value.


Gangliosides are a group of glycosphingolipids which are enriched neuronal plasma membranes and are involved in signal transduction. Antibodies against many different types of gangliosides are associated with sensor and motor neuropathies. There are many gangliosides, but GM1, GM2, GD1a, GD1b and GQ1b are those commonly associated with autoantibodies.

Antibodies against multiple gangliosides can often be detected simultaneously due to cross-reactivity as result of their high molecular similarity. Low levels of antibodies against gangliosides may occur without disease association and may be transiently seen after infections.

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