Gliadin antibodies – IgA


Suspicion of coeliac disease (CD) or dermatitis herpetiformis.


ELISA with gliadin as antigen.


IgA anti-gliadin is positive in approximately 95% of patients with untreated celiac disease. IgG anti-gliadin have lower sensitivity, about 50%, and is not as specific as IgA anti-gliadin in celiac disease, but may be important in the diagnosis of patients with IgA deficiency. The antibodies disappear during gluten-free diet and are not found in healthy people. Recommended tests in cases of suspected gluteninducerad enteropathy includes ncluded along with anti-endomysium and anti-transglutaminase. Positive results for IgA  anti-gliadin antibodies stronlgy indicates celiac diagnosis, but the final diagnosis must be based on examination of the small bowel biopsy and clinical remission during gluten free diet.

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