Myelin associated glycoprotein (MAG) antibodies


Suspicion of Inflammatory neuropathy.




The result is given as negative or positive with a value.


Myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG) is a transmembrane glycoprotein that is located in the myelin skins adjacent to the axon. MAG constitutes a very small part (0.1-1%) of the total protein content of myelin.

Several different forms of motor and sensory neuropathies have been shown to be associated with IgM antibodies to MAG. High levels of antibodies against MAG have been observed in demyelinating motor and sensory neuropathies, low levels have been reported in multiple sclerosis, inflammatory neuropathies and motor neuron diseases. About half of the patients with monoclonal IgM gammopathies with associated neuropathy have antibodies against MAG.

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