PM/Scl antibodies (P100)


Suspicion of polymyositis/scleroderma overlap syndrome, scleroderma, unclear myositis.


Fluorescence enzyme immunoassay (FEIA).


The result is given as negative, borderline or positive.


The PM/Scl antigen is found in the exosome, a complex consisting of 11-16 proteins in the granular part of the nucleoli and in the nucleoplasma. The proteins act as exoribonucleases during the RNA processing.

Antibodies against the PM-Scl complex are associated with polymyositic/systemic sclerosis overlap syndrome. The antibodies are usually associated with positive ANA with nucleolar patterns. Anti-PM-Scl may be directed to different subunits in the PM-Scl complex, usually the 75 kD and 100 kD subunits. Anti-PM-Scl is often associated with Raynaud's phenomenon, arthritis, muscle aches and effects on the skin and lungs.

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