RNA Polymerase antibodies


Suspicion of scleroderma.


Fluorescence enzyme immunoassay (FEIA).


The test result is given as negative, borderline or positive.


RNA polymerase (RNAP) is a multiprotein complex (> 500kDa) consisting of 8-14 subunits. RNA polymerases are divided into RNA polymerases I, II and III.

Antibodies against RNA polymerase are markers for systemic sclerosis and can be detected in approximately 20% of patients. Anti-RNA Polymerase I and above all anti-RNA polymerase III have high association with diffuse systemic sclerosis and is associated with increased risk of internal organs involvement. The antibodies can also be seen in systemic sclerosis overlap syndrome and have been reported to occur in occasional cases with SLE. Antibodies against RNAP II are often seen together with antibodies against RNAP I and III. Antibodies against RNAP III strongly suggests systemic sclerosis diffuse type and is associated with rapid progression and internal organ involvement.

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