Yo (PCA-1, Purkinje cells antigen 1) antibodies


Suspicion of paraneoplastic syndrome.


Immunoblot and indirect immunofluorescence (IIF). For IIF test it is applied a combination of fixed tissues from the nerve, cerebellar, intestinal tissue and pancreas originating from monkeys.

According to guidelines, anti-neuronal antibodies should be detected by at least two independent methods. At Wieslab IIF and immunoblot are used. According to European guidelines, a positive result should be obtained with both methods to be reliable. According to the supplier the assay sensitivity is 100% and specificity is 100%.

Immunoblot and IIF are accredited analysis for serum samples – read more at the Quality page.


Serum: The result is reported as negative, borderline or positive with a titer and blot intensity.

CSF: The result is reported as negative, borderline or positive.


Antibodies against Yo are also called anti-PCA-1 (Purkinje cell antigen 1) and are strongly associated to subacute cerebral ataxia and ovarian or breast cancer. Neurological symptoms can precede cancer diagnosis by up to 5 year.

Accredited analysis – read more at the Quality page.

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PMID: 15342008: 15258215: 21747075: 22448032

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