Neurofilament light protein (NFL)

Reference range for different age ranges:
<30 years: <380 ng / L
30 years, <40 years: <560 ng / L
40 years, <60 years: <890 ng / L
> = 60 years: <1850 ng / L

Neurofilament light protein (NFL, about 68 kDa) is one of the three main sub units that make up neurofilament. Neurofilament is one of the primary structures of the neural cytoskeleton and whose task is to stabilize and rebuild the axons. CSF NFL can be used for general monitoring of neurodegeneration. NFL found mainly in myelinated neurons, and thus an increase in the NFL indicates damage in the white matter.

NFL levels result should preferably be examined together with other brain injury markers such as NSE, GFAP, Tau, and optionally S-100 beta amyloid.

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