NMDA receptor antibodies


Suspicion of anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis or for differential diagnosis of autoimmune encephalitis. Epileptic seizures may be an early symptom.


Indirect immunofluorescence using transfected cells.


The result is reported as positive or negative. A positive result is followed by a titer (serum).


Antibodies against the NMDAR (NR1 unit) are indicative of autoimmune encephalitis. NMDAR belongs to the family of ionotropic glutamate receptors and is widely expressed in the temporal lobe (limbic system). Signaling initiated by glutamate binding to the NMDA receptor is important for synaptic plasticity and cognitive functions such as memory and learning. Subacute personality change with cognitive effects, hallucinations, epileptic seizures, bizarre behavior, impaired memory and impaired orientation are examples of symptoms that indicate suspicion of autoimmune encephalitis if infectious cause can be excluded. Autoimmune encephalitis may be associated with malignancy.

NMDAR encephalitis often affects young women but may occur at all ages and in both sexes. NMDAR antibodies can be associated with ovarian teratoma (or testis teratoma for men), reported frequency varies between 9-56%. Early diagnosis and treatment is important, before permanent tissue damage occurs. Antibody titers can be used to monitor treatment effectiveness.

Generally, treatment with immunotherapy is more effective at autoantibodies directed against extracellular antigens than autoantibodies against intracellular antigens. In case of late diagnosis, permanent damage may occur when autoantibodies are considered pathogenic. Long treatment for several months to years duration may be required as well as follow up with cancer diagnosis.

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