CXCL13 level is measured in CSF in cases of suspected neuroborreliosis or neuroinflammation. Research shows that CXCL13 in CSF is a promising biomarker in MS.


The results are reported quantitatively as ng/L. Reference value is 7.8 ng/L.


CXCL13 is a chemokine that attracts B-lymphocytes. Elevated levels of CXCl13 is seen in neuroinflammation with B-cell infiltration and strongly elevated levels is typical of neuroborreliosis. Less pronounced increase is often seen even in active multiple sclerosis (MS) and after a first relapse of neuroinflammation, elevated level of CXCL13 predicts transition to MS diagnosis.

Csv-CXCL13 may also be elevated in other neuroinflammatory diseases involving B-cells, including Neuromyelitis Optica and various forms of encephalitis.

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