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Wieslab Laboratory Services now offers monitoring of TNF blockers

November 12, 2013 - Company News, Product News, Disease Area News
TNF blockers have for many years been regarded as an excellent tool for treatment of severe chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. However, the effect of the treatment is individual, and in some patients unsatisfactory. Consequently, clinicians have seen the need to monitor the individual patient’s response to a particular treatment.

As an aid in monitoring treatment efficacy, drug concentrations can be established and hereby help optimizing individual patient treatment strategy. Moreover, monitoring the effect of the drug can determine if the patient develops neutralizing anti-drug antibodies (NAbs) that target the drug. NAbs will inhibit the beneficial effect of treatment and potentially also trigger an adverse drug response.

Wieslab uses functional cell-based assays to measure concentration, in vitro activity of the drug and NAbs, giving important and relevant information on the effect of the treatment

The following TNF blockers can be tested by Wieslab

·   Remicade (Infliximab):  TNF blocker concentration and test for NAbs

·   Humira (Adalimumab): TNF blocker concentration and test for NAbs.

·   Enbrel (Etanercept): TNF blocker concentration and test for NAbs.

·   Simponi (Golimumab): TNF blocker concentration and test for NAbs.

·    Cimzia (Certolizumab pegol): only TNF blocker concentration. Test for NAbs under development

You can find much more information about drug monitoring testing and specimen collection here.

Register for our "Lunch and learn" seminars

Wieslab "lunch and learn" seminars are given in our laboratories different focus areas and are greatly appreciated by clinicians. The lectures are focused on the monitoring of TNF inhibitors and provide an overview of the relevance of monitoring and algorithms applied. Please send an email to with your contact information if you are interested in attending a Lunch and learn seminar during 2014.

If you have questions you are welcome to contact us!

For questions about the TNF blockers:

Anna Laurén, PhD
Wieslab Laboratory Manager
T: +46 40 53 76 52
M: +46 70 274 ??34 82 or

For questions related to ordering, pricing and seminars:

Michael Benjamin Akoh
Wieslab Director
T: +46 40 53 76 31
M: +46 70 262 37 15 or

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