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June 27, 2016 - Company News, Product News
Information about changes in tests/analyzes as of June 2016.

MAG - test 093
From June 2016, Test No. 093 (MAG), which is also included in the package No. 534 (Unclear neuropathy/Guillain Barré) will be reported as a semi-quantitative result for a positive finding. For those who want a follow-up with previous results – patient monitoring - please contact the laboratory on phone +46 40-53 76 60.

SS-A p200 – test 034
SS-A p200 will be removed from our portfolio/Request Form as our supplier of IVD kit has chosen to discontinue manufacturing this kit. We will still offer the SS-A/Ro52 as part of ENA screening.

Test 560 - the screening of autoantibodies in autoimmune encephalitis and paraneoplastic syndromes.
We would like to emphasize that we need 3 ml CSF when ordering this package. Unfortunately we often receive too little sample material to make all the tests/analyzes.

Hypokretin/Orexin – test 989
Test No. 989 (Hypokretin/Orexin) which is also included in the package No. 558 (Narcolepsy) does not need to be transported frozen.

Laminin 5 IgG + IgA - test 558
Laminin 5 has been removed from our portfolio/Request Form as our partner no longer performs this analysis.

For more information please contact:
The Laboratory: +46 40 - 53 76 60
Lab Manager, Rita Martins Olofsson: + 46 40 – 643 44 12
Key Account Manager, Monica Blixt: +46 40 - 53 76 61

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