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October 18, 2016 - Company News, Product News, Disease Area News
Changes in test/analyzes from October 2016.

NEW test number 141- anti cN-1A
From October, 2016, Wieslab offers a new test for the diagnosis of sporadic Inclusion body myositis (IBM). Anti-cN-1A (Mup44) represent the first serological biomarker for IBM. A serological tool to aid in the differentiation between inflammatory myopathies and improve early and reliable diagnosis of IBM.  Studies show that antibodies against the protein cytoplasmic 5'nucleotidase (CN-1A) is very characteristic (93-95% specificity) for IBM, even if it cannot be demonstrated in all cases (sensitivity of about 39%).

Removal of test number 007 - anti-Fibronectin IgA complex (including a change of panel number 500 – Glomerulonephritis)
Test for IgA Fibronectin complex has been removed and replaced by anti-THSD7A (more information below) in the panel for the suspicion of glomerulonephritis.

NEW test number 140 - anti-THSD7A
(including a change of panel number 500 – Glomerulonephritis)

Anti-THSD7A (thrombospondin type 1 domain-containing protein 7A) will from now on be offered as individual test and also be included in the panel number 500 - Glomerulonephritis.
Anti-PLA2R occurs in about 70% of the cases with primary membranous nephropathy (PMN). For negative results it is recommended to supplement with the analysis of antibodies against THSD7A which are present in about 10% of the anti-PLA2R negative cases with membranous nephropathy. Simultaneous presence of anti-PLA2R and anti-THSD7A is very unusual. The antibodies are primarily of IgG4 subclass and seem to have high disease specificity. Antibody titers also appear to be associated with disease activity and follow the degree of proteinuria

The Complement System – removal of Ficolin 3
Test of the activation pathway of the complement system, initiated by the protein Ficolin 3 (belonging to the so-called lectin pathways) will no longer be offered at Wieslab.

The Complement System – function/deficiency
When a result shows impaired function of the complement system – the expanded analysis will no longer be done automatically.

New Request Forms
From now on it is possible to electronically fill in our various Request Forms and then print them from our website. The Request Forms has been updated with the changes stated above.
This also means that panel number 500 will be analyzed with the above content even if we get an "old" Request Form together with the sample material.

For more information please contact:
The Laboratory: +46 40 - 53 76 60
Lab Manager, Rita Martins Olofsson: + 46 40 - 643 44 12
Key Account Manager, Monica Blixt: +46 40 - 53 76 61

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