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Updated information regarding reference values for Tau, Phospho-Tau and Beta-amyloid

June 19, 2017 - Company News, Product News
Incorrect reference values for the above tests have now been corrected on our website.

We have been made aware that for some time incorrect reference values for test results of Tau, Phospho-Tau and Beta-Amyloid have been stated on our website.

As soon as this issue was discovered, the webpages was updated and below are the correct reference values in tabular form..

CSF Reference values
Beta-amyloid >550 ng/L , patients over 18 years
Tau 1 year - <18 years: 250 ng/L
18 year - <45 years: <300 ng/L
>=45 years: <400 ng/L
Phospho-Tau 20 years - <60 years: <60 ng/L
>=60 years: <80 ng/L

Please note that the reference values that have been reported on our test result reports have always been updated and correct - only the text on the website has been incorrect.

We sincerely apologize for the incident and should you require more information - please don´t hesitate to contact

Lab Manager; Rita Martins Olofsson +46 40 – 643 44 12
Sr Key Account Manager; Monica Blixt +46 40 - 53 76 61


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