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October 27, 2017 - Company News, Product News
Changes in test/analyzes from October 2017.

NEW test; Myopathies (myositis) screen containing test for 16 antigens, test no. 548

This screening will be offered from October 2017, and is also included in Panel no 551 (Inflammatory Myopathy (Myositis)

  • Mi-2α and Mi-2β antibodies are associated with classical dermatomyositis (DM) and are detected in up to 30% of the patients.
  • Ku antibodies are associated with "systemic sclerosis/polymyositis overlap syndrome”.
  • SRP antibodies is a strong marker for polymyositis (PM) and is associated with an aggressive lapse of necrotic myopathy and poor response to therapeutic treatment.
  • Jo-1 antibodies are detected in up to 20-30% of patients with inflammatory myositis (PM/DM). In 50-75% of the cases, interstitial lung disease is also seen.
  • PL-7 and PL-12 antibodies can be detected in <5% of patients with inflammatory myositis (PM/DM). These antibodies are often associated with interstitial lung disease that may occur with or without myositis.
  • EJ antibodies can be detected in <5% of the patients with inflammatory myositis (PM/DM).
  • OJ antibodies can be detected in <5% of the patients with PM.
  • PM-Scl100 and PM-Scl75 antibodies are associated with PM/systemic sclerosis overlap syndrome and is also often associated with Raynaud's phenomenon, arthritis, muscle aches and effects on the skin and lungs.
  • TIF1γ antibodies are associated with DM (in adults). The presence of anti-TIF1? is strongly associated with malignancy.
  • MDA5 antibodies occur in approximately 70% of the DM patients where muscle weakness may be mild and CK (creatine kinase) normal (amyopathic DM) and is strongly associated with rapidly progressive interstitial lung disease.
  • NPX2 antibodies can be detected in approximately 20% of the children and younger adult patients with myositis, often with pronounced muscle pain (atrophy, contractures).
  • SAE1 antibodies can be detected in <10% of the DM patients. Skin symptoms often precedes myositis as well as dysphagia.
  • SSA/Ro52 antibodies can often be detected in myositis with or without other myositis-associated antibodies. Anti-SSA/Ro52 is also associated with other autoimmune conditions.

Updated test panel 551 Inflammatory Myopathy (myositis)

Includes ANA screen, ENA screen. Antibodies against HMGCR, cN-1A and the complete Myopathy (myositis) screen, as stated above.

Removal of test panel 552 Extended package autoimmune myositis and sclerodema overlap syndromes

Antibodies against OJ and KU is included in the Myopathy (myositis) screen no 548 (above)
Antibodies against KS and RNA-polymerase can be ordered as individual tests no. 481 and 450. Antibodies against Tryptophanyl-tRNA-Synthatase has been removed from the Request form.

Our Terms and Conditions for ordering our tests has been updated and can be found on our websites.

New Request Forms

The Request Forms has been updated with the changes stated above which means that samples will be analyzed according to the updated Request Form even if we get an "old" Request Form together with the sample material.

For more information please contact:

The Laboratory: +46 40 - 53 76 60
Lab Manager, Rita Martins Olofsson: + 46 40 - 643 44 12
Key Account Manager, Monica Blixt: +46 40 - 53 76 61

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