A flexible experienced team that adapts to your bioanalytical service needs

Wieslab has a team of experienced and skilled scientists that are used to runing clinical trials or research studies both within and outside the autoimmune area.

Wieslab offer a range of bioanalytical laboratory services for clinical trials. Wieslab is an agile and flexible study partner that can act quickly to most clinical trial study needs. With more than 250 immunology markers in our testing portfolio including complement adn RIA markers we have the flexibility to adapt to many different studies. Moreover, we have a range of different technology platforms such as MSD, ELISA and RIA enabling us to offer a wide range of markers. As a smaller service laboratory Wieslab is known for its customer focused approach no matter how small or large the project is. 

We are now happy to announce the launch of a new dedicated website presenting our expertise and offerings within bioanalytical services. Click here to visit the Bioanalytical Services website

If you would like to have a dialogue in regards to how we can cater for your study needs please contact VP Wieslab Michael Akoh: Mia@wieslab.com or telphone +46 70 262 37 15.

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