Your Autoimmunity and Lab Services Partner

Wieslab´s mission is to be the trusted autoimmunity testing partner for clinicians, laboratories and pharma.

Wieslab strives to provide a complete decision-making base for the clinician to make the right diagnosis fast. With our lab services we strive at providing testing services and support that can accelerate the drug development process.

Every moment counts during diagnosis—knowing one way or the other ensures better decision-making and allows faster implementation of treatment strategies. One of the great advantages of outsourcing autoimmune speciality testing is the time and people power it saves your laboratory. That’s why our goal is to always provide your results within 2 days of receiving the sample – on many tests we provide an answer within 1 day. moreover Wieslab offers acute testing on many marker. This means that you will have a test report within 1 hour of Wieslab recieving the sample.

Acute test