More than 20 years of experience within autoimmune testing

Wieslab has been a trusted partner in autoimmunity testing for more than 20 years. One of our founders, Jörgen Wieslander, was the first person to identify and purify the specific antigens used in testing for Goodpasture syndrome, and one of the first to establish commercial ANCA tests. This expertise and experience established the Wieslab that many clinicians today count on for fast and accurate testing for autoimmune diseases.

Since 2004 Wieslab has been an integral part of Svar Life Science (formerly Euro Diagnostica), a full service solution provider in autoimmunity. Wieslab is located in Malmö, Sweden and accepts samples from clients worldwide

The major breakthrough for the accurate serological diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis was invented and developed by Svar Life Science (formerly Euro Diagnostica) in collaboration with world class scientists in The Netherlands. The well-established anti-CCP2 assay is today part of the EULAR and ACR criteria for RA as well as present on most major platforms around the world.

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