BioPharmaceuticals, Immunogenicity and Personalized Medicine

The discovery and availability of biopharmaceuticals have revolutionized therapeutic intervention for many different diseases. They consist of proteins and monoclonal antibodies that can have many targets, making them an invaluable addition to the treatment of diseases. They come in a wide range of forms, from vaccines to gene therapies. Over the last few years the new therapies have expanded exponentially both in range and functionality, and their development continues to grow.
The following Biopharmaceuticals can be tested at Wieslab:

All TNF-α inhibitors

Monitoring of drug concentration and Anti-Drug Antibodies (ADA) or Neutralising Anti-Drug Antibodies (Nabs) - TNF-alpha inhibitors

Other biological drugs

Monitoring of drug concentration and Anti-Drug Antibodies (ADA)

ADA (Anti-Drug Antibodies)

Neutralising Anti-Drug Antibodies (Nabs)

Monitoring of drug concentration