Training and support by qualified autoimmunity experts

The field of autoimmunity and testing is complex and hard to find information about. On this basis Wieslab has started an educational program that is offered to our customers. If you would like us to visit you and provide you with a relevant training or presentation of our tests please send an email to:

Below is a list topics that we can speak to:

  • Neuroimmunology
  • Autoantibodies in neurology
  • Celiac disease and autoimmunology
  • Clinical immunology – a general overview
  • ANCA screening methods (ELISA is better than IIF) for Rheumatologists and nephrologists
  • ANCA capture is the best method
  • ANCA from the lab to the clinic
  • Goodpastures syndrome and anti-GBM antibodies
  • Reno pulmonary syndromes (ANCA and anti-GBM)
  • Complement testing by functional assays
  • CCP in the diagnosis of RA , for rheumatologists
  • SSA P200 and CHB,  for rheumatologists and gynecologists
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